Sunday, July 6, 2014

PAPER: "A meta-analysis of dependability coefficients (test–retest reliabilities) for measures of the Big Five"

Dependability coefficients such as test–retest correlations quantify transient error in test scores due to occasion-specific variations in, for example, current mood or feelings. The meta-analysis summarizes 682 test–retest correlations collected within an interval of up to two months from 74 samples (total N = 14,923) across different measures of the Big Five. The median aggregated dependability estimate for the five traits was ρtt = .816 (weighted dependability coefficient). Extraversion scales resulted in the most dependable scores, whereas agreeableness scales exhibited slightly larger measurement error. Transient error accounted for about 10% of the observed variance in scores of the Big Five. Meta-regression analyses indicated small moderation effects of the chosen retest interval for three traits, with shorter intervals resulting in higher retest correlations.

Although the paper analyzed the Big Five normative test, that had been revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to measure personality and the paper does not take into account women under hormonal therapy or if when the test was taken it was synchronized with biorhythms, it is quite interesting to read it.

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