Friday, July 15, 2016

AshleyMadison pitches relaunch under new management, new strategy?

AshleyMadison Is BACK With Some BIG Promises For Married Cheaters

AshleyMadison should close forever.

AshleyMadison Used Chatbots to Lure Cheaters, Then Threatened to Expose Them When They Complained.

NEW ARTICLE: AshleyMadison threatened to expose customers who disputed bills. via CNN Money

Ashley Madison: U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Ashley Madison admits using fembots to lure men into spending money
It seems no one trust AshleyMadison any more because it seems they STILL use fembots. Cheaters will use Tinder instead.

My bet: AshleyMadison will fail to reboot.

Law article suggests USA FTC goes for Match Group ?

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