Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some OLD news from Be2

be2 Raises €15 Million (You need to watch Be2 because I had detected some fraudulent lovestories since last May 2008. And they are still fraudulent!!!)

Robert Wuttke, Be2 CEO And Founder Interview (It is really funny that Dr. Wuttke said "We like the Spanish speaking countries" and Be2 is full of fake lovestories.)

be2 Conquers Asian Dating Market (Isn't be2 basically a scam? Nothing happens on the site and they charge a fortune.)

Be2 Uses Online Push For UK launch (Be2 is a fraudulent service. Beware
This dating service is under investigation in Spain where they have many denounces in consumer associations

Be2, another hoax
Be2 death

Be2 game over 
The team never understood how to innovate in the online dating arena.

Where is Be2 NOW?
The power of word of mouth killed Be2!
See samples of the negative power of word of mouth

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