Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just received new legal letter from Affinitas GmbH. via local lawyers!

They accuse me of slander and defamation, but it was investigation instead. They want me to sign a non disclosure document to retract me and to silence my voice forever.

This time I will compile all the information I have, all emails and screenshots and will send them to Argentine Federal Police's Internet Crimes Division (Gabinete Delitos Complejos, División Internet/ Cibercrímenes de Policía Federal Argentina) and Interpol (División Internacionales).

Gabinete Delitos Complejos, División Internet/ Cibercrímenes de Policía Federal Argentina
Telephone +54 11 4370 5800 ext 2532 then dial 105

Interpol (División Internacionales) Telephone +54 11 4370 5983

Previously I had informed the MI6 via email and the MI5 by phone in UK (00 4420 79309000)
and Interpol as well.

I am not a criminal, I am most an intelligence agent.

The last email with them was:

"Dear Dr. Elbert:
Dear Dr. Vagedes:
Dear Dr. Viglierchio:
(they are local lawyers of Affinitas GmbH. here in Argentina)

Very tall persons are very rare.
Here a list of (living and dead) tallest people in the World by Wikipedia.

EliteSingles UK can deliver very tall persons, some of them nearly as tall or taller than the famous Chinese professional basketball player Yao Ming, height 7 ft 6 in (229 cm)
Other matches are nearly as tall as Yao Ming (over 7 feet, 210 cm).

Can you please contact Affinitas GmbH. and ask them if they can explain me how EliteSingles UK can deliver those very tall matches???
They CAN NOT be real, because to deliver over 160 men (average 7 feet  210 cm height) to the dummy female (7 feet  210 cm) I created last July 2013 for test purposes, the database should be over 120 million active members!!!

Please see 30 attached screenshots as evidence.

It is not slander not defamation, it is investigation instead.
I am not a criminal but most like an Intelligence Agent.

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.

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