Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BirthRightRomance is another FRAUD in the Online Dating Industry.

 "Birth order theory and its proven impact on personality characteristics is utilized to help find you a compatible match based on your position in the family growing up (younger, older, middle, or only child)." IS A FALSE STATEMENT.

Birth order does not have enduring effects on personality!

Please see the paper:
Birth order and personality: A within-family test using independent self-reports from both firstborn and laterborn siblings (January 2014)

MatchWise, Chemistry, PlentyOfFish Chemistry Predictor, eVow, TeAmoRu  and other sites use/used the Birth Order Item, but it is useless at all for Serious Online Dating!

Personality traits are highly stable in persons over 25 years old to 45 years old.

The key to long-lasting romance is STRICT PERSONALITY SIMILARITY.

WorldWide, there are over 5,000 -five thousand- online dating sites
but no one is using the 16PF5 (or similar) to assess personality of its members!
but no one calculates similarity with a quantized pattern comparison method!
but no one can show Compatibility Distribution Curves to each and every of its members!
but no one is scientifically proven!
The only way to revolutionize the Online Dating Industry is using the 16PF5 normative personality test, available in different languages to assess personality of members, or a proprietary test with exactly the same traits of the 16PF5 and expressing compatibility with eight decimals (needs a quantized pattern comparison method, part of pattern recognition by cross-correlation, to calculate similarity between prospective mates.)
High precision in matching algorithms is precisely the key to open the door and leave the infancy of compatibility testing.
It is all about achieving the eighth decimal!
With 8 decimals, you have more precision than any person could achieve by searching on one's own, but the only way to achieve the eighth decimal is using analysis and correlation with quantized patterns.

Without offering the NORMATIVE16PF5 (or similar test measuring exactly the 16 personality factors) for serious dating, it will be impossible to innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry All other proposals are NOISE and perform as placebo.

The Online Dating Industry does not need a 10% improvement, a 50% improvement or a 100% improvement. It does need "a 100 times better improvement", not 100% better, 100X better The Online Dating Industry needs a very powerful algorithm like the "Teller Ulam design". In this case 100 times more powerful than actual matching algorithms.

If you want to be first in the "personalization arena" == Personality Based Recommender Systems, you should understand HOW TO INNOVATE in the ............ Online Dating Industry first of all!
With less than USD10 Million you can copycat eHarmony
innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry, killing those old & obsolete sites forever.

What comes after the Social Networking wave?
The Next Big Investment Opportunity on the Internet will be .... Personalization!
Personality Based Recommender Systems and Strict Personality Based Compatibility Matching Engines for serious Online Dating with the normative 16PF5 personality test.

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