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Rocket Internet's Samwer Brothers + AB Kinnevik + Tengelmann Ventures.

It was all written for years, just a matter of tying up loose ends.

This article was published 1 year ago by Alex Hofmann (Journalist)
"Rocket Internet's huge ambitions: to take down Ikea"
"the accelerator claims that almost all of its eCommerce ventures will be pushed to make billion-dollar turnovers and generate two-figure percentage returns on sales."

Big investments, big losses
As for the young Latin American Amazon clone, Linio, 2017 is set to be a good year – with estimated revenues of €281m, the Samwers claim that the return on sales will be an impressive 12%. This is a clear sign of the Samwers’ huge and rather unrealistic ambitions: by comparison, the company’s US original, Amazon, makes just over 1% in returns.

Samwers locken Investoren mit aggressiven Wachstumsversprechen, uncovered confidential documents aimed at Rocket investors.

"It's no secret that Rocket Internet ventures need large funding amounts to launch: Manager magazine’s sources claim that South East Asian fashion portal Zalora made a loss of close to €70m last year, while furniture chain Home24 also has high deficits – in 2012 it made a loss of close to €40m, and a loss of around €43m is expected for 2013."
"Noch aber häufen die diversen Rocket-Internet-Unternehmen rund um den Globus allesamt hohe Anlaufverluste an. So machte allein das in Südostasien präsente Modeportal Zalora 2012 ein Minus von knapp 70 Millionen Euro, wie aus den Business-Plänen hervorgeht. Auch der in Europa und Lateinamerika tätige Möbelhändler Home24 arbeitet derzeit stark defizitär: 2012 stand ein Verlust in Höhe von rund 40 Millionen Euro an, für 2013 werden Einbußen von fast 43 Millionen Euro erwartet, so das manager magazin."

The top 10 biggest investors in Rocket Internet

Tengelmann weitet Rocket-Investment aus

Lamudi, Tengelmann investiert in Rockets Immobilienplattform

Rocket Internet-Connection / Tengelmann Ventures investiert in Carmudi und Co.
EasyTaxi sammelte in den vergangenen Monaten bereits größere Millionensummen ein – unter anderem von iMENA Holdings, der Latin America Internet Holding und der African Internet Holding. Das Unternehmen ist momentan in rund 30 Ländern aktiv – darunter Argentinien, Pakistan und Thailand.

but see this article about EasyTaxi

Please read also:
a big pandemic of Brillant, Jade and Juwel companies

A very complicated interlace of "Jade xxxx GmbH." and "Brillant xxxx GmbH." companies

They really deserve a police investigation just now!

Rocket Internet clone empire, most complicated financial puzzle in the World?

Who is paying all that fest? AB Kinnevik ?

Secret papers: How the Samwer bros. woo investors.


A Journalist from the Wall Street Journal, talking about the "famous Samwer bros. clone empire", asked me: "I am not quite sure what you’re referring to when you say it is all just a ponzi scheme and the Samwers are committing a crime. Start-up companies in general aren’t profitable but hope to be at one stage."
I replied: That is exactly the problem. Their start-up companies are not designed to be profitable, and as they are copycats of U.S. companies, the main purpose is to be sold to the original company they had copycatted OR if they fail to do so, to plan the IPO in order to recover the money they had invested!.
They always make unrealistic projections of sales: "For the Brazilian Amazon clone Linio the Samwers offer a return of 12 percent in 2017. The Amazon model generates 1.1 percent."
I suspect no one of the cloned companies by Samwer Bros. are really profitable or sustainable for the next 5 years, to until 2019 at least; and as they will not be able to sell to the original company they had copycatted, as they failed to sell Affinitas GmbH. to eHarmony Inc. last March 2012 and as the Management Team can not innovate in nothing because they are not entrepreneurs, they will collapse. All cloned companies seem like bubbles.

Please see by your own Rocket Internet Ventures in Brazil
HelloFood  (called FoodPanda in other countries)
EasyTaxi operating also in several countries
GlossyBox, closed last year.
YepDoc ( closed? )
DropGifts ( closed? )

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