Friday, April 18, 2014


 UPDATE MAY 1st 2014
 More Big Losses from Zoosk Q1 2014

ZOOSK Amendment #02

Preliminary Prospectus dated April 17, 2014

"Our Behavioral Matchmaking engine generally prioritizes the display of profiles of members who are more active higher in displays of potential connections, although we do not specifically monitor the number of profiles that have not had recent activity."
READ as 20% of most active members will be responsible of the 80% of whole traffic/activity of the site, if those 20% most active persons migrate to Tinder, then Zoosk will be GAME OVER.

"Subscription. We primarily generate revenues from subscriptions. We offer our members one-, three- and six-month subscription plans which typically automatically renew. "

BUT they have TERRIBLE expensive subscription rates.
1 Month: USD 69.98
3 Months: USD 52.49 per month
6 Months: USD 34.99 per month

See also info from:

My conclusion:
Tinder is demolishing Zoosk. Zoosk is NOT profitable and will never be profitable, it is only a bubble sustained by a big marketing budget. Investors had put over USD 61 Million and now want to recover that money and after that, they will put Zoosk to sleep.

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