Monday, May 30, 2016

A 12 years old girl killed by a 26 years old former convict - Facebook Argentina

A highly publicized murder case involving Facebook Argentina.

A 12 years old girl - Micaela - had several profiles in Facebook Argentina.
Her parents live separated. She was living with her mother.
Her mother was aware only of one of her profiles, where she was her friend there.
But Micaela had other profiles with over 600 "friends".

A 26 years old former convict with several fake profiles pretending to be a 12 years old girl contacted Micaela, who had previously had a quarrel with her mother, and convinced her to leave home and meet "her" in person. Micaela was killed almost immediately and her family took 35 days to discover what really happened.

Facebook In Argentina Fined Over Fake Profiles

(IAC) (MTCH) Privacy Issues Could Kill Match Group (via OPW)

Facebook and other sites should conduct ID verification to each and every of its members.

the Jana Claudia Gómez Menéndez case

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