Friday, May 13, 2016

*** Only way to sustain that huge revenue is creating fake profiles from inside to entice customers to subscribe. *** ???

Match dot com creates fake profiles from inside?

"When India and then Pakistan tested nuclear weapons in May 1998, they did so underground. Preparing a nuclear test this way generates the kind of activity that an intelligence agency should be able to pick up with months of above-ground site preparation visible in satellite imagery, but at the time the USA CIA managed to miss it. However, seismologists were able to find out about the tests almost instantly, and were able to determine both the location and the likely range of nuclear explosive power from the tests of Pakistan and India." Alexa is like a seismograph station for Internet sites.

I think Alexa is right, something very big happened.

 EXCLUSIVE: MATCH GROUP hacked? Leaked internal docs will reveal they create fake profiles from inside?

Complaints about Match dot com ?

Affinitas GmbH. (eDarling) under fraud investigation in Russia.

Scammers and Spammers: Inside Online Dating's Robots
"They're not the only ones using fake profiles," says Marc Lesnick, organizer of iDate, the industry's largest trade show. "It's definitely pervasive."

But Lesnick, the iDate organizer, says there’s no doubting who’s up to such tricks. “Everyone in the industry knows who the good players are and who bad players are,” he says. “Eventually the bad guys will get found out and get caught. This is fraud.” But when I ask him to name names, like many in the business, he declines. “I have to bite my lip,” he says. “Some of them come to my event.”

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