Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Funny video: OkCupid co-founder: How mentorship can bubble-proof start-ups


The same person who said:
"Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:48 am
Yagan's session, titled “Where’s Dating 2.0? The Lack of Innovation in the Online Dating Industry,” will contrast the evolution of other consumer Internet verticals with the relative standstill of online dating sites over the last decade.
.....“Our industry is missing the revolution, focusing on superfluous bells and whistles, like background checks and video-dating while ignoring the needs, desires, and expectations of singles,” said Yagan. “Why is it that sites like Digg and Facebook are free but Match and eHarmony charge almost USD1,000 per year for membership? Our industry must find a way to adapt to the business models and user experiences that singles expect in a Web 2.0 world.” ..."



Do you remember the "Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating" article ?

* The Match Group is only a collection of old and obsolete online dating sites: Match, Meetic, Chemistry, OkCupid, FriendScout24, OurTime, HowAboutWe, PlentyOfFish and many more and all of them are past their primes, reached operating ceiling and they are in decadence.

* The Match Group overpaid for PlentyOfFish (It was insane, USD575 Million for PlentyOfFish that past its prime 2 years ago). The Match Group had been doing all wrong, acquiring rotten companies to show illusory success to its investors.

* Tinder will not monetize as expected and it is cannibalizing Match. Tinder can collapse like Skout (problems with minors using it).
And Tinder is in war with other online dating application: Bumble backed by Badoo (powered by a Russian Mafia of hackers & spies)

* The Match Group pays astronomical compensations to their C-level executives.

* The Match Group is not going to innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry in the next years.

* Also be alerted that Barry Diller is over 74 years old and can "retire" this year (lung cancer?).
It is vey easy to compare photos from before and after about his look. He is shrinking from inside.
He really looks quite haggard.
You can ask a medical doctor (Physician) about what he/she thinks.
The IAC and MTCH can collapse because he is like a Godfather.  


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