Thursday, May 5, 2016

Old data about eHarmony Japan big failure. Remember?

 2012, 4 years ago I said:
A forbidden new about a big failure, a bluff to sell eHarmony to IAC perhaps, during the short tenure of Jeremy Verba as CEO, but nobody could talked about it. No blog said any word.
Nor Online Dating Insider nor Online Personals Watch.
Only one person in all the World tested eHarmony Japan during 2012. He is ... er... guess; yes, you know!

"99.7% of eHarmony's members will not be introduced to you", said the info from eHarmony Japan i.e. only 0.3% of members will be shown as a compatible partner for you; that is the power of eHarmony's matching algorithm (the effectiveness/efficiency of the matching algorithm.)

0.3% means: 3 persons per 1,000 persons screened. or 30 persons per 10,000 persons screened. or 300 persons per 100,000 persons screened. or 3,000 persons per 1,000,000 persons screened. or 30,000 persons per 10,000,000 persons screened.
30,000 persons per 10,000,000 persons screened is the population of a small city!!! (eHarmony claimed 12 million persons/profiles in its database as for 2012)
There is also a comic about that situation: "Zack Hill's mom joins eHarmony" Lois: Are you telling me that out of all these guys, you didn't like one? Jan: I did not. Lois: This is like the phone directory for a small town! Jan: The town of LoserVille.

Soon eHarmony will be a 14 years old obsolete site and a hoax based on a very big scientific fraud, because the Big Five model, was revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to measure personality. Now Big Five model had been replaced by the HEXACO test (a.k.a Big Six test).

Astonished to see how eHarmony Inc. can operate in several countries using the Big Five model, that is the biggest mistake made by Psychologists since 20 years ago!!!

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