Wednesday, October 5, 2016

article: AshleyMadison's CEO Compares Site To A Drugged-Out Woman (Really?!)
It’s disgusting and it shows you that even the classiest of rebrandings can’t save something that is fundamentally broken.
It all just points to how the past and current AshleyMadison management team views women — as a commodity to be used and exploited to make them rich.

My bet: AshleyMadison will fail to reboot.

AshleyMadison should close forever.

AshleyMadison admits using fembots to lure men into spending money
It seems no one trust AshleyMadison any more because it seems they STILL use fembots. 

Cheaters will use Tinder instead.  

AshleyMadison (Ruby Life Inc.) peak and decay on reboot!

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