Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Perhaps it was an UK MI6 mission that went wrong!

ALERT Hacktivist collective The Impact Team could be targeting Twitter, Facebook and other giant sites
Like Match Group?
During 2013,
Diario Clarín, newspaper from Argentina, had published the article "El espionaje es por intereses económicos, no por terrorismo" meaning "Espionage is for economic interests, not terrorism" during the NSA scandal.
The journalist Mr. Glenn Greenwald, who had published leaked documents by Snowden at The Guardian, spoke with Clarin in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
Channel 4 from the U.K. had published several articles in the column "PRISM spying scandal"

article: What Exactly Are the USA NSA Hackers Trying to Accomplish?
ALERT Russian-speaking hackers breach 97 websites, many of them online dating ones.

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