Sunday, December 29, 2013

one of the biggest conspiracies ever executed on the Internet

 Florida mom’s photos used in bogus Match profiles
  “Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t tell me that they saw my pictures posted on Match or another web site,” says Yuliana Avalos, a Florida mom and part-time model who never actually signed up for the site.
  The popular dating site is engaging in “one of the biggest conspiracies ever executed on the Internet,” the class-action Manhattan Federal Court suit says.
  “Thousands” of others, including celebrities,soldiers and adult actresses,have had their pictures plucked from Facebook and other sites and used for bogus profiles as well – even though they ’’are not and never were” members of Match’s dating sites, the suit says.
  Inflating the number of profiles on Match and its other 25 dating sites is good for their business.
  The suit also says the company could easily crack down on the numerous bogus profiles by using facial recognition software, but chooses not to.
 (article published 29 DEC 2013 at ChineseDaily)

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