Sunday, December 8, 2013

World Wide Web of Love, Lies, and Legislation:

World Wide Web of Love, Lies, and Legislation: Why Online Dating Websites Should Screen Members, 29 J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 251 (2012) by Maureen Horcher

"Websites like Match do not sweat over protecting their customers because they currently carry no liability. Congress will one day implement online dating regulation when safety concerns become too evident to ignore. The question remains: How many innocent people must be sacrificed before that time comes?"

It seems fake profiles in Online Dating sites will be a hot topic for lawyers this busy season in the Online Dating Industry (20th Dec 2013 to 20th Feb 2014)

I would recommend to every online dating company, to remove all fake and even inactive profiles if they have any!

Imagine a NEW Legislation for Online Dating Sites to force them disclose how many active members they have (Premium members: paid or with gift subscriptions) ?
And also force them to conduct ID verification ? A variety of new laws, or new interpretations of existing laws, could subject dating sites to claims or otherwise harm their business. (extracted from IAC SEC filing)

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