Monday, December 2, 2013

Online Dating in Argentina 2013 - 2014

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Los sitios para encontrar pareja ya no son para "desesperados"

Online Dating sites are no longer for "desperate" people.

The situation also feeds fashion. "For the work routine and (long) distances, people do not often go to meet new people or  they are tired at the weekend. For that reason, online dating has become an additional attractive alternative" says Ms. Mariela Stescobich, Match's spokeswoman for Latin American countries.
Visits to Match grew 185% last year. Match has 2.1 million Argentines looking for a  relationship. Between active users, 67% are intended for a serious relationship, while 20%, a casual encounter. Almost half of the users are under 35.

La clave del éxito, evitar sentir el rechazo del otro

Key to success, avoid thinking you are being rejected by others
Tinder is used especially among the young: nearly 90% of its users are less than 34 years old.

- Match under fire, more info about lawsuit Yuliana Avalos
- The IAC uses Tinder as a marketing tool to migrate free users to Match and make them pay there. It is only a cheap channel to acquire customers, but it could be only a peak efervescence like Badoo because casual daters do mostly not want to pay and serious daters (looking for long term relationships) mostly do not use dating applications.


The Worldwide Online Dating Market 2013 / Spanish version. 1 of 3
The Worldwide Online Dating Market 2013 / Spanish version. 2 of 3
The Worldwide Online Dating Market 2013 / Spanish version. 3 of 3

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