Thursday, February 6, 2014

Twitter, operating at a loss since years.

Twitter, operating at a loss since years, since it was founded.
Full 2013 year revenue of USD 665 million, up 110% year-over-year.
Full 2013 year net loss of USD 645 million and non-GAAP net loss of USD34 million.
Accumulated deficit (loss) of USD 994.6 million!!!
See 2013 fiscal year report!

"A social network / instant messaging blog based solely on a 140 characters lenght messages, for me, is now ending 2013, really obsolete, because you can read Google Plus and Facebook posts on real time using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets." I said last year

Please read also: Some articles about Rocket Internet GmbH. and Affinitas GmbH.
How many of those cloned companies are really profitable?
What will happen if they can not sell them to others? Zalando planning its IPO like Twitter last year ?

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