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Some articles about Rocket Internet GmbH. and Affinitas GmbH.
eDarling (Affinitas GmbH.) information is outdated, because eHarmony does not own any stake at Affinitas GmbH.

May 18th 2009
Under the Radar: eDarling as a new dating service side of the Samwers
Unter dem Radar: eDarling als neue Partnervermittlungsseite der Samwers

May 25th 2009
Update eDarling: Das Personenkarussell dreht sich weiter…
Update eDarling: The people carousel continues to turn ...

July 31st 2009
Coffee Break: Parship vs. eDarling - The fight is on
Kaffeepause: Parship vs. eDarling – Der Kampf ist eröffnet

October 9th 2009
Secret Liaisons: eDarling and the media group presse pressure
Geheime Liebschaften: eDarling und die Mediengruppe presse-druck

January 22nd 2010
eHarmony acquired 30% stake in eDarling (Affinitas GmbH.)
eHarmony steigt bei eDarling ein

Call-put design possible with eDarling
Call-Put-Konstruktion bei eDarling möglich
I began to test eDarling in March 2010.

June 28th 2011
23 Minute eDarling sat
23 Minuten eDarling satt

July 13th 2011
eDarling - Scaled exit on eHarmony?
eDarling – Gestufter Exit an eHarmony?

July 18th 2011
An overview of previous Samwer exits
Ein Überblick der bisherigen Samwer-Exits

May 10th 2012
Large dating platforms snuggle
Große Datingplattformen kuscheln miteinander

May 13th 2012
Samwer brothers fail with sale of eDarling. The sale of the online dating service eDarling to the American competitor eHarmony has failed according to a report by the news magazine "Focus".
Samwer-Brüder scheitern mit Verkauf von eDarling
"The three Samwer brothers: Alexander, Oliver and Marc are among the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in Europe. They succeeded several times to copy business concepts of U.S. models, build companies and selling them to competitors - the online magazine counts at least 25 successful transactions."

May 13th 2012
burst eDarling sale?
eDarling-Verkauf geplatzt?

Samwer brothers’ eDarling – reports of failed exit “completely wrong”

Rocket Internet’s eDarling, eHarmony share plans, say Asia is “a different elephant”

May 15th 2012
eDarling: "There were no plans to sell"
eDarling: “Es gab keine Verkaufspläne”

August 1st 2012
eHarmony CEO goes after twelve months of tenure
eHarmony-CEO geht nach zwölf Monaten

December 12th 2012
The 20-year plan of eDarling (Affinitas GmbH.)
Der 20-Jahre-Plan von eDarling

March 6th 2013
eDarling: 283 questions advantage?
eDarling: 283 Fragen Vorsprung?

May 7th, 2013
eDarling ransom, Vollmann goes, But no Exit: The Dating Portal eDarling buys back the shares of the U.S. partner eHarmony. CEO Christian Vollmann is leaving the company.
eDarling kauft sich los, Vollmann geht

End of an affair: eDarling Managing Director Christian Vollmann steps down

Germany’s eDarling buys itself back from online dating giant eHarmony
(It is said they paid USD 30 million for the 30% stake of eHarmony)

July 11th 2013
eDarling expanded single-mediation for the British and Irish
eDarling expandiert Single-Vermittlung für Briten und Iren

Post split from eHarmony, Germany’s eDarling announces UK and Ireland expansion

Some Journalists suggest now all Rocket Internet clone empire is only a big PONZI schema.

The World Bank Group’s IFC invests in Rocket Internet startups
Rocket Internet has secured a new, rather unusual investor for its Zalando clones in Russia and Latin American: the International Finance Corporation, a member of the Wold Bank Group. The amounts of funding are surprisingly small for a Rocket Internet company – Russia-based Lamoda received €10m, while Latin American Dafiti secured €15m.

 "Oliver Samwer told me earlier this year in an interview. It has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from investors to build out these operations, often from repeat investors — something that could either point to sustained success if you are a Samwer believer or ponzi-like tendencies focused around clones, if you are one of their detractors."
Please read article (written by Alexander Hüsing):

Perhaps Affinitas GmbH. is the biggest fraud ever discovered in the Online Dating Industry, involving 24 countries or more! If company Affinitas GmbH. is revealed in public as major fraud, Rocket Internet clone empire could be revealed by Journalists as big PONZI scheme of USD 3 Billion, involving over 250 Internet companies cloned by the Samwers ? Like Parmalat, Enron Corporation, Bernie Madoff, etc.

How many of those cloned companies are really profitable?
What will happen if they can not sell them to others?
See what Alexa shows here, in Latin America?
Several Internet companies that look like phantoms:
(Powered by Affinitas GmbH.)

Remember  Glossybox Brazil is GAME OVER

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