Friday, May 9, 2014

Chinese Dating App, "Momo", To File For IPO in USA?

"Momo", I have never heard of it before!
Just reading OPW to learn about "Momo".

Who really knows "Momo"? or is using "Momo" in English?
It seems "Momo" is like Tinder.
Will wait until they fill the S1 form.

Zoosk is in its road to the IPO but Zoosk is NOT profitable and will never be profitable, it is only a bubble sustained by a big marketing budget. Investors had put over USD 61 Million and now want to recover that money and after that, they will put Zoosk to sleep. Astonished to see how Zoosk try to sell a failure as a big success citing rubbish statistics from IBISWorld report.

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