Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why USA state spying is good; and Chinese state spying is bad ?

Just read that article at Channel4 blog (from the U.K) .

Please remember:
Last year, Diario Clarín, newspaper from Argentina, had published the article "El espionaje es por intereses económicos, no por terrorismo" meaning "Espionage is for economic interests, not terrorism" during the NSA scandal.
The journalist Mr. Glenn Greenwald, who had published leaked documents by Snowden at The Guardian, spoke with Clarin in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
Channel 4 from the U.K. had published several articles in the column "PRISM spying scandal"

I had been reading some classified information for years and the majority of those Top Secret documents, I think, are really stupidities, like gossip news published in women's magazines. The only one information I know that could cause serious commotion among population of North Hemisphere's countries; with possible mass flight from their countries, loss of many lives, murder and mass disturbances is:
90% of World Population in North Hemisphere would die by 2050 due to climate change (no water, no food)
Perhaps by 2030, some rich countries like U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany and Russia plan to send some of their young people (less than 30 years old, well educated, white skin and high I.Q. levels) to live in South American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and others).

Best place to live will be South America by 2050.

Please read:    
Qian Xuesen, "Father of China's Aerospace" and "King of Rockets"

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