Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Posing personality: Is it possible to enact the Big Five traits in photographs?


"Posing personality: Is it possible to enact the Big Five traits in photographs?"

Abstract: Person perception research has focused on the accuracy of observers receiving truthful target information; however, in real life people may often wish to manage the impression that they convey. We investigated whether people can "pose personality" in photographs. Sixty target participants posed each in 10 photographs in which they sought to express the high and low poles of the Big Five traits by means of physical appearances. Observers (N=401) rated targets' personality and likability from each photograph. The results showed that targets successfully posed as Extravert and, to lesser extent, as Introvert, Neurotic, Non-Conscientious, and Open, and that targets could not convey impressions of high and low Agreeableness.

People often wish to adjust and control the image that they convey to others, but this tendency has received relatively little attention in the literature. Given the hugely increased possibilities for connecting with others online, the present findings according to which people are, in portrait photographs, able to "fake" some of their personality characteristics (e.g., high Extraversion, high Openness), but not others (e.g., high Agreeableness) are important.

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