Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Woman sues Match for USD10 million

Mary Kay Beckham barely survived being stabbed 10 times with a butcher’s knife by a man she met on Match. 
Police say the assailant, Wade Ridley, also confessed to killing another woman he met on the dating site.
Beckham’s lawyer says Match lulls customers into a “false sense of security,” and is suing the company for USD10 million.

Please remember the Jana Claudia Gómez Menéndez case
the Sonia Varaschin case. (not sure if she was related to PlentyOfFishA denounce never investigated???)

Also read Theresa Saldana case.

Have you seen how Match Japan operates?
It has little traffic but Japaneses need to upload up to 7 certificates to increase reliability of their profiles.
Human proof: a copy of driver’s license, health insurance, passports.
Address proof: inhabitant vote, invoices from different services.
Working proof: Employee proof
Earnings proof: The withholding certificate which can prove the earnings of the preceding year, the final return, either one of the certificates for paid taxes.
Graduation proof: Diploma or graduation certificate.
Celibacy proof: The celibacy certificate from certificate for marriage information service / marriage consultation trader.
Credit card proof: When charge service of match is purchased (purchase with credit card certification), credit card proof becomes effective.
They are like ID verification and (I think) the employment certificate can perform as a background check if the employer had checked criminal records.
You upload the certificates in JPEG format (fully scanned or photographed) and the Match Japanese Team review them one by one. Then they add the certificate seals to your profile (the ones you had uploaded and they were approved by Match Team)
When other dater sees your profile, he/she can request you to disclose those certificates, and if you agree, then you show the scanned certificates (I think that is the way it works)

eHarmony Japan also offered those features:

The Online Dating Industry has no/weak Legislation, no ID verification, low reliable background checks, no Quality Norms.
No one compatibility matching method is Scientifically Proven.
A variety of new laws, or new interpretations of existing laws, could subject dating sites to claims or otherwise harm their business.

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