Monday, September 16, 2013

Match To Use Facial Recognition For Better Matches ???

"Match has its sights set on using facial recognition technology to allow users in the future to highlight the features they are most attracted to."

That was tried during November 2003, almost 10 years ago and it will be a complete waste of time. Do you want to know why?

Please read:

Soul2Match, FindYourFaceMate and Digital Physiognomy
Several times I had reviewed Soul2Match, FindYourFaceMate, "FaceReader from Profiler1: Personality Traits analysis based on facial features." and other dating sites with biometric software which analyzes facial features and bone structure, helping to detect levels of soulmate love and friendship like the Digital Physiognomy software.

Energy Profiling HOAX
"Personology is the 'science' of exposing an individual's personality based on one's facial structure."

Synapse: the Match algorithm

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