Friday, September 27, 2013

More Tech bubble, Twitter IPO next Thanksgiving 2013?

Many technology companies, without having a concrete business model (supposedly will generate revenue from advertising and premium subscription accounts) received millions of dollars in funding to offer something free, acquiring fastly a large mass of captive users as if they had made them addicts, and then the exit strategy (for investors) is to get someone to buy the company at a staggering figure, as did Blogger, Fotolog, MySpace, YouTube, Skype, Bebo and others.

A  social network / instant messaging blog based on a 140 characters lenght messages, for me is, obsolete, because the mobile concept evolving, meaning tablets with Wi-Fi Network access

Please read:
0.08% followers in twitter met in person with the leader.
"The Twitter Me Is Not The Real Me" 

Facebook stock ends above USD50 for the first time ever
Twitter IPO moving at an incredibly fast pace (it could be done by Thanksgiving 2013?)

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