Thursday, October 10, 2013

A cold/silent war and forbidden news in the Online Dating Industry?

There are forbidden news you can not blog or talk about them. TechCrunch, Mashable, Vator, OnlineDatingPost, OnlinePersonalsWatch and others can not blog or talk about "forbidden news".  eHarmony Japan failure was another forbidden new.

I had used Google Translate to read:
".... now govern a network of about 75 companies with 20,000 employees. .... announces: In two years there will be over 250 companies."

comments say:
 " .... work so that it will sell 100 euro for 90 euro , so retract massive losses. This strategy is extremely fast gaining market share , displacing competitors , but it does not make money ! This is a Ponzi scheme , where today's bills are paid with tomorrow's growth ."  translated from "funktionieren so, dass sie 100 Euro für 90 Euro verkaufen, also massiv Verluste einfahren. Mit dieser Strategie gewinnt man extrem schnell Marktanteile, verdrängt Mitbewerber, aber man verdient kein Geld! Das ist ein Schneeballsystem, wo Rechnungen von heute mit Wachstum von morgen bezahlt werden."

" ..... They steal the business ideas of others in other countries and then bring appropriate clones on the market. The companies are then usually sold to the original inventor of the idea again and dissolve into thin air " translated from "Sie klauen die Geschäftsideen anderer in anderen Ländern und bringen dann entsprechende Klone an den Markt. Die Firmen werden dann zumeist an den ursprünglichen Erfinder der Idee wieder verkauft und lösen sich in Luft auf. " 

If someone can investigate further? Or perhaps the MI6 is investigating right now?

They can not forbid the power of word of mouth!

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