Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More about Pew study 2013: Online Dating & Relationships

Mashable had published an article about Pew study 2013: Online Dating & Relationships.

"With the promise of algorithmic matching and big pools of single people, the Internet should be a serious-committed-relationships machine. And that should only improve as those algorithms are refined and that pool grows bigger. But alas. Compared with 2005, the rate of online matches that evolve into marriages or other long-term partnerships remains about the same (23% today, versus 17% in 2005 — "statistically similar" numbers, according to Pew). There's no way to gauge whether this number is low or high compared with other venues for meeting people, but it's interesting that it hasn't budged more as online dating has become more popular and more accepted."

I agree, Lack Of Innovation & Decadence can summarize the Online Dating Industry since years. 
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