Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OkCupid Charges USD4.95 to Filter by Body Type ?

Article at Mashable says OkCupid Charges USD4.95 to Filter by Body Type.
I think PlentyOfFish offers that feature since 11 years ago.
Remember:  Free/freemium online dating sites like PlentyOfFish and OKCupid are only marketing tools useful to send prospective customers to paid online dating sites like Match, Chemistry and eHarmony.

Info from Alexa, shows online daters leaving in droves from many old&obsolete sites, except from OkCupid (seems to receive traffic from Tinder application?)

The Online Dating Industry needs innovations but they will come from only one source: the latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships development with commitment: STRICT PERSONALITY SIMILARITY and not "meet other people with similar interests"
The 3 milestone discoveries of the 2001 - 2010 decade for Theories of Romantic Relationships Development are:
I) Several studies showing contraceptive pills users make different mate choices, on average, compared to non-users. "Only short-term but not long-term partner preferences tend to vary with the menstrual cycle"
II) People often report partner preferences that are not compatible with their choices in real life. (Behavioural recommender systems or other system that learns your preferences are useless)
III) What is important in attracting people to one another may not be important in making couples happy. Compatibility is all about a high level on personality similarity between prospective mates for long term mating with commitment. 
Without offering the NORMATIVE16PF5 (or similar test measuring exactly the 16 personality factors) for serious dating, it will be impossible to innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry
All other proposals are NOISE and perform as placebo.

Want to innovate in the Online Dating Industry for serious daters?
Only one road to innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry. Same road to innovate in the Personality Based Recommender Systems arena!
With less than USD10 Million you can copycat eHarmony like TeAmoRu, eSynchrony and others.
 innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry, killing those old & obsolete sites forever.

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