Friday, March 7, 2014

PAPER: The HEXACO Honesty-Humility, Agreeableness, and Emotionality Factors A Review of Research and Theory

The HEXACO Honesty-Humility, Agreeableness, and Emotionality Factors A Review of Research and Theory


We review research and theory on the HEXACO personality dimensions of Honesty-Humility (H), Agreeableness (A), and Emotionality (E), with particular attention to the following topics: (1) the origins of the HEXACO model in lexical studies of personality structure, and the content of the H, A, and E factors in those studies; (2) the operationalization of the H, A, and E factors in the HEXACO Personality Inventory–Revised; (3) the construct validity of self-reports on scales measuring the H factor; (4) the theoretical distinction between H and A; (5) similarity and assumed similarity between social partners in personality, with a focus on H and A; (6) the extent to which H (and A and E) variance is represented in instruments assessing the “Five-Factor Model” of personality; and (7) the relative validity of scales assessing the HEXACO and Five-Factor Model dimensions in predicting criteria conceptually relevant to H, A, and E.

Recent evidence from lexical studies of personality structure confirms that a common set of six—and not more than six—dimensions is recovered across diverse languages. The HEXACO model of personality structure is based on these six lexical dimensions, and operationalizations of the HEXACO factors correspond closely to the lexical factors.
Given that lexical research forms the ultimate basis of the Big Five and even of the FFM, the finding of six rather than only five replicable dimensions suggests that the widespread adoption of five-dimensional personality models was premature.


The BIG5 normative personality test is the biggest mistake Psychologists made since several years ago. The BIG5 is also known as the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits, a psychological model based on research by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae.
Please remember:
Academics began to publish Scientific Research using the HEXACO model of personality and they plan to discontinue the Big 5 model (a.k.a. Big Five or FFI five factor inventory) soon; because Big Five normative test had been proven/revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to assess/measure personality of persons. 
I think, legally, online dating sites using the Big Five model of personality could be considered a FRAUD because they are using an incomplete model of personality. They are assessing 5 scales and not 6 scales.

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