Monday, March 31, 2014

TeAmoRU morphing to a more casual online dating site?

It seems TeAmoRU is morphing to a more casual online dating site.

It started as a copycat of eHarmony in Russia. Last march 2012, received funds from the Japanese.

I reviewed it last September 2011

and then in June 2012 it received major redesign.

MatchWise, Chemistry, PlentyOfFish Chemistry Predictor, eVow, TeAmoRU  and other sites use/used the Birth Order Item, but it is useless at all for Serious Online Dating!

TeAmorRU uses the Big Five normative test to measure personality of its members, but ..... The Big Five normative test  had been proven/revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to assess/measure personality of persons!

With less than USD10 Million you can copycat eHarmony
 innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry, killing those old & obsolete sites forever because they are HOAXES based on a Big Scientific FRAUD.

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