Saturday, March 1, 2014

Samwer brothers pay too much to Managing Directors

and those Managing Directors are not entrepreneurs, they are smoke sellers, and although they can cook a barbecue under the water, they can not innovate in nothing.

"The Samwer brothers give M.B.A. graduates and former banking traders — often from companies like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey — as much as USD20 million in early-stage investment. "  "The pressure is intense on the start-up managers, who are usually paid a salary and do not receive a major stake in the company they operate."

How much do the Samwers pay for those Managing Directors ?
Too much, in the range of Euros 120,000 per year!
They sould pay Euros 12,000 per year + bonus/shares if they achieve success.

See other new fresh articles talking about Rocket Internet GmbH. new ventures:
(Now, a model from Latin America comes to Germany.
Brazil area 8,515,767 km2 or 3,287,597 sq mi
Germany area 357,168 km2 or 137,847 sq mi
Brazil is nearly 24 times bigger than Germany)

Please see by your own Rocket Internet Ventures in Brazil

HelloFood  (called FoodPanda in other countries)
EasyTaxi operating also in several countries
GlossyBox, closed last year.
YepDoc ( closed? )
DropGifts ( closed? )

My bet:
Their start-up companies are not designed to be profitable, and as they are copycats of U.S. companies, the main purpose is to be sold to the original company they had copycatted.
They always make unrealistic projections of sales: "For the Brazilian Amazon clone Linio the Samwers offer a return of 12 percent in 2017. The Amazon model generates 1.1 percent."
I suspect no one of the cloned companies by Samwer Bros. are really profitable or sustainable for the next 5 years, to until 2019 at least; and as they will not be able to sell to the original company they had copycatted, as they failed to sell Affinitas GmbH. to eHarmony Inc. last March 2012 and as the Management Team can not innovate in nothing because they are not entrepreneurs, they will collapse. All cloned companies seem like bubbles.

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