Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Australia Digital Future in Focus 2014 (comScore Report)


U.S.A. is no longer center of the digital world.  China now has world’s largest desktop user base.
Some info is also valid for Latin American countries.

In Latin American countries it is customary to use the Mozilla Firefox  internet browser with Ad-Block Plus Addon, so persons never see ads!

Latin American users are continually deleting cookies, manually or automatically, and that practice makes overstimate online audiencies by a 2.5 factor!

Also accidental clicks on ads = false positives
Mobile & Multi-Platform: With the availability of smartphones and tablets, the multi-platform omnivore has emerged. But, it’s not a zero-sum game: More devices result in more time on all devices, including TV. See the Incremental and the Cannibalizing behavior.

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