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A former employee of Affinitas GmbH. that says in a review they create fake profiles from inside?

Just seen this link
  Eine interessante Erfahrung in ein internationalen Kontext.  im Jahr 2009

Ich habe im International Business Development Frankreich gearbeitet. Das heisst, dass ich an die Entwicklung der französischen Webseite teilgenommen habe: durch die Übersetzung vom Test, Ergebnisse der Test, die Online-Kampagne (Google Adwords, Banners, usw.), fake Profilen, etc. Man braucht dafür - Gute Redaktionsfähigkeiten - Gute Kenntnisse der deutsche Sprache (um alle Kleinigkeiten und Nuancen verstehen zu können) - Gute Anpassungs- und Mitarbeitfähigkeiten

Was mir gut gefallen hat, ist, dass ich am Anfang ein interessantes Projekt teilgenommen habe. Im IBD Team waren wir drei Französinen, zwei Spaniern, und zwei Polen. Es gab eine tolle Stimmung im Team und man hatte das Gefühl an eine Erfahrung teilzunehmen.

translated as (using Google Translate)

An interesting experience in an international context. in 2009

I have worked in the International Business Development France. This means that I have participated in the development of the French website: the translation of the test, the test results, the online campaigns (Google Adwords, banner, etc.), fake profiles, etc. You need it - good editing skills - Good knowledge of the German language (to be able to understand all the little things and nuances) - Good adaptability and collaboration skills

What I liked is that I attended an interesting project at the beginning. In the IBD team we were three French defensins, two Spaniards and two poles. There was a great atmosphere in the team and you had the feeling to participate in an experience.

It seems it is about a former employee of Affinitas talking about they had to create fake profiles during 2009 for eDarling France version, to fill the initial database with fake profiles before launching, exactly what I had discovered last July 2013 at EliteSingles UK.

During July 2013 I had begun to discover impressive patterns of anomalies consistent with fraudulent practices, when Affinitas GmbH. launched EliteSingles - the online dating site, copycat of eHarmony Inc. -  in the United Kingdom. I reported several times to Affinitas GmbH.'s Management Team and employees and guess I had received 2 legal letters from local lawyers accusing me of slander and defamation. Affinitas GmbH. and their local lawyers in Argentina, that may also be lawyers from Rocket Internet GmbH. want/wanted to force me to retract and sign a non disclosure/comment document on that issue because if Affinitas GmbH. is revealed in public as major fraud, ... Rocket Internet clone empire could be revealed by Journalists as big Ponzi schema of USD 3 Billion, involving over 250 Internet companies cloned by the Samwers ? Like Parmalat, Enron Corporation, Bernie Madoff, and other frauds!

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