Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Featured paper: "Mobile Profiles, Pliable Identities, Deception & Perception .. "

This paper examines the use of dating sites designed to connect with others for the purpose of intimate relationships. Most users on these sites are seeking a romantic relationship or explicitly state otherwise. However, some users post fraudulent photos and self-descriptions to establish a desirable perception in potential partners, and they often engage in extensive measures to develop intimacy and maintain the relationship. The desire to have an intimate relationship based on a fraudulent representation of self that will not culminate in a physical relationship is increasingly likely as a result of several recent developments, including the anthropomorphization of mobile phones, social media that has raised our desire to be Liked rather than loved, and the commoditization of relationships by extensive social media usage.

Please see also: "Traces of Deception in Online Dating Profiles"

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