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The Swiss 16PT is NOT the same as the 16PF5 test

The Swiss 16PT is NOT the same as the 16PF5 test.

The 16PT is ipsative
The 16PF5 is normative

That Swiss ipsative 16 PT Personality Test is a version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The Swiss ipsative 16 PT Personality Test is used at IQfriends and IntelligentElite, I had reviewed it during 2011 and 2012.
and not the normative 16PF5 test (the 16PF 5th edition)

The MBTI has only 4 binary variables and gives you 16 different possibilities

The 16PF has 16 variables taking integer values from 1 to 10
The whole possibilities are 10E16 (the ENSEMBLE)
i.e. 10,000,000,000,000,000
World Population 7.0*10E9 = = 7,000,000,000
(7.0 * 10E9) / 10E16 == 7.0 * 10E(-7) or 0.7 * 10E(-6) or 0.70 micro part!
7,000,000,000 / 10,000,000,000,000,000 == less than 1 micro part!!!
World Population is less than 1 micro part of the whole set of different valid patterns of the 16PF5.

That is why I had invented a new quantitive method to compare personality patterns

Client #01 ---- 16PF5 Profile A:6.B:7.C:6.E:8.F:9.G:6.H:7.I:7.L:8.M:7.N:2.O:5.Q1:8.Q2:7.Q3:3.Q4:4
Client #02 ---- 16PF5 Profile A:5.B:7.C:4.E:8.F:7.G:4.H:5.I:6.L:4.M:6.N:8.O:9.Q1:6.Q2:8.Q3:4.Q4:4
<#02|CQ|#01> == 74.79865772%


IPSATIVE personality tests are OBSOLETE (self-descriptive questionnaires) and should be discarded: MBTI (PerfectMatch), DISC (ThomasKnowsPeople), Enneagram (Dopasowani) or other proprietary ipsative tests like the ones used at Chemistry, ButterfliesAgain, Doskonalapara, PembePanjur, LittleHint, oneGoodLove and others.

NORMATIVE personality tests like Big5 versions used at PlentyOfFish, eHarmony , Meetic Affinity, Parship, Be2, True are good for guidance (
orientation) purposes but not good enough for predictive purposes.
"Because the Big Five groups the more specific primary-level factors, feedback organized around the five Global Factor scales is more easily understood. For detailed feedback or predictive purposes, one should assess the more specific primary factors. Research has shown that more specific factors like the primary scales of the 16PF Questionnaire predict actual behavior better than the Big 5 Global Factors. For example, one extravert (a bold, fearless, high-energy type) may differ considerably from another (a sweet, warm, sensitive type), depending on the extraversion-related primary scale score patterns, so deeper analysis is typically warranted." Extracted from the 16PF5 Manual

Normative tests can not simply be translated, because you need the norm for that test, and that norm is actualized each and every time Census Figures are released
The 16PF5 test is available in
- English for the United States and the Norm for the United States (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of the United States).
- English for Canada and the Norm for Canada (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of Canada)
- English for the United Kingdom and the Norm for the United Kingdom (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of the United Kingdom).
- English for Australia and the Norm for Australia (sample of individuals with the same demographic characteristics of Australia).
- French for France and the Norm for France.
- German for Germany and the Norm for Germany.
- Spanish for Spain and the Norm for Spain.
- Italian for Italy and the Norm for Italy.
and many more "With over 60 years of research and application behind it, the 16PF5 has become internationally well known and respected, with over 20 different translated versions."

See also  FIRO, CPI and 16PF5 tests.
AND also remember IQ tests are ability tests, answers could be Right or Wrong, so the questions should be sorted in increasing difficulty forming a Rasch Hierarchy. Those IQ tests sould be constructed using Modern Test Theory / Item Response Theory (IRT).
Intelligent Elite / IQfriends, Brainiac Dating, IQ Gorgeous and the others DO NOT meet IRT, they are all ... rubbish.

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