Thursday, August 21, 2014

about article "Match May Not Light IAC's Fire"

"But mobile-only Tinder and OkCupid won't necessarily see the same pace of paid-subscription adoption or the same average revenue per user. Moreover, many Tinder users may already be paying for or OkCupid. This could cannibalize revenue. And to the extent Tinder relies on advertising, its revenue will also be more cyclical."

I strongly agree with the Journalist.
For me; it is clear the IAC acquired FriendScout24 (old and obsolete site) and HowAboutWe (as gift) because they do not want to innovate. They want to squeeze their big databases to get all the juice (money) from the wallets of the daters.

Please see this information from Alexa and Compete, they show their sites reached operating ceiling!

Please read:
Rumor: Benchmark May Invest in Tinder at a Valuation as High as USD1B ???

"How Tinder will collapse"
Facebook allows minors to use it (people from 13 to 17 years old)
Online Dating is NOT for minors.

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