Sunday, August 3, 2014

Most of the Samwer Empire is hidden ?

BIRDIE: We have seen financials, but as you know it's fairly limited. Most of the Samwer Empire is hidden. Investors themselves do certainly receive confidential reports including regular financial statements. These investors are sophisticated, and certainly have their own finance professionals reviewing them. Above that, each investor was afforded due diligence at the outset. Start up financials are usually weak, everyone focuses on growth, and especially future valuation. Valuations are perceived value, based on comparable companies. This is where the Samwer's do their magic. Making EasyTaxi seem like Uber, Linio seem like Amazon, etc. These are not innocent investors, they have the means, the access to information, and have investment knowledge and experience. They understand risk. Most are widely invested. With the IPO, it moves into the public realm-which is much different. Here, there's to be more regulation and scrutiny-which they abhor. Be that as it may, there's been so much funding to date-what is there really left to sell? Reckless expansion? The trouble for the Samwers is demonstrating performance-the promised domination of markets. Sales are not what investors expected (except Zalando). Westwing is profitable now, but sales volume is at 110mE. The whole of Rockets Empire doesn't even turn as much in sales as The Cheesecake Factory (NASDAQ CAKE). People lose all sense of proportion with Rocket Startups, because the Samwers keep them focused on growth rates, on the clicks, the demographics, and not on the numbers nor on the performance of market competitors.

ME: If you can obtain leaked documents please?
Perhaps soon or later they will make a mistake, or perhaps they just made one with a very complicated interlace "Juwel ", "Jade xxxx GmbH." , "Brillant xxxx GmbH.", "Bambino xx V V UG" and "VRB GmbH. & Co. B-xxx KG" companies from AB Kinnevik and Rocket Internet.
Perhaps soon or later there will be a big quarrel/fight between investors and Samwer bros, or perhaps it is happening just right now!!!

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