Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rocket Internet AG. "Such quarrels have already taken place, according to insiders"

 Most of the Samwer Empire is hidden ?

ME: Perhaps soon or later there will be a big quarrel/fight between investors and Samwer bros, or perhaps it is happening just right now!!!

BIRDIE: Such quarrels have already taken place, according to insiders: DST, Holtzbrinck, and reportedly Tengelmann though we have doubts on that as they've continued to fund some ventures.

ME: No doubt. They only agreed to continue funding until IPO to recover all the money invested.
They realized it is all a big hoax, a FRAUD, a terrible Ponzi schema, but can not "cut the chain".
Kinnevik NOW desperately wants to recover over Euros 1 billion from all of their investments.
If you can obtain some leaked documents to resend to Interpol, showing "Samwers’ huge and rather unrealistic ambitions" like the ones revealed at VentureVillage ???
Please see the article: Oliver Samwer will die nächsten 25 Jahre weiter ackern
My guess: A person saying "I will stay for the next 25 years" means "I will run away in less than 25 months ahead"
It resembles me: Der 20-Jahre-Plan von eDarling (Affinitas GmbH.)
In May 2012, Affinitas GmbH. failed to be sold to eHarmony Inc.
Rocket Internet AG. Urgent IPO before running out of money?

Remember they are full (in excess) of phantom companies, shell companies.
And not only they have lots of phantom companies, shell companies. There is a very complicated and intriguing interlace of them. (very suspicious situation)

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