Monday, August 25, 2014

Euros 35 million subsidy for Zalando

They deserve both a police investigation and a "financial colonoscopy" at the same time.
"Rocket just did it in a bigger way, fooling tax authorities too"
Rocket Internet AG. / All ventures are created using a complex system of shell companies. /

A big Ponzi Scheme ?
I suspect no one of those companies are designed to be profitable ever.
They have big losses because they sell below cost to gain traction.
All cloned companies seem like bubbles.  

They are full (in excess) of phantom companies, shell companies.
And not only they have lots of phantom companies, shell companies. There is a very complicated and intriguing interlace of them. (very suspicious situation)
Rocket Internet AG accumulates up to Euros 50 million loss per month ?
Please read also:
article: Oliver Samwer will die nächsten 25 Jahre weiter ackern
My guess: A person saying "I will stay for the next 25 years" means "I will run away in less than 25 months ahead"
Rocket Internet AG. Urgent IPO before running out of money?

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