Saturday, August 9, 2014

more about “Elevated Careers by eHarmony”

The CEO Of EHarmony Thinks He Has What It Takes To Find You Your Perfect Job

Dating Site eHarmony Wants To Help You Find A Job

Please remember:
eHarmony, is a 14 years old obsolete site and a HOAX, based on a big scientific fraud.
The Big Five normative test that had been proven/revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to assess/measure personality of persons.
The Big Five normative test had been replaced by HEXACO or Big Six test.
Astonished to see how eHarmony is conducting a big human experiment with unprecedented consequences.

How the Big Five (Big 5, OCEAN, or FFI five factor inventory, FFM five factor model ) normative personality test was revealed as .... an incomplete and incorrect model to assess personality ? Short answer: thanks to commingling analysis.
Commingling analysis is a statistical method for distinguishing between one (usually normal) distribution and a mixture of two or more distributions. 


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