Sunday, August 3, 2014

I do not think Samwer bros are puppets from AB Kinnevik

 Terrible cold winter here in Argentina but a little birdie call to my window and said:

You may be aware, we are of the opinion that Samwer/Rocket's emerging market activities are at the behest of Kinnevik. Rocket is simply a mercenary.

Do you have any proof? Because I do not agree, I do not think Samwer/Rocket is a mercenary of AB Kinnevik. Samwer/Rocket used Kinnevik as stupids, only investors who put money, (Perhaps) Mia Brunell Livfors was fired because she put lot of money in Samwer/Rocket's ventures. Then she was replaced by Lorenzo Grabau in order to recover the money previously invested.

The proof goes all they way back in Kinnevik's investment strategy ethos, and the way Jan Stenbeck did business. They control, always, or have clear path to control. There are no sizable investments without control,or a clear path. Stenbecks' have always been masters of controlling 51% of votes with 30% of capital. Rocket's birth came about via Kinnevik. Read the original 35m funding to Rocket it's a swap- we will raise Zalando, give u 35m +, and you will take your expertise into our [kinneviks] emerging markets, and take out minority interests. originally it was European Founders Fund deal, then took form in Rocket. Kinnevik wanted an Internet empire atop its telecoms -Africa, Latam, Russia, and formerly SE Asia. Rock's emerging markets have been Kinnevik/Millicom's ICE. Samwers had not a whit of interest in emerging markets before Kinnevik. It was all Europe. Mia left for other reasons, Kinnevik leaning to London (Stenbeck's residence), and the very embarrassing and very costly Tele2 screw up in Norway. They just recently had to sell off.

I do not think Samwer bros are puppets from them, moreover, I think Samwers "scammed" Kinnevik holdings and recently happened a terrible quarrel/fight between Rocket Internet and Kinnevik when Kinnevik realized it is all a big hoax, a FRAUD, a terrible Ponzi schema. Kinnevik NOW desperately wants to recover over Euros 1 billion from all of their investments. Rocket Internet business model is unfeasible. Legislation will force EasyTaxi to adapt its business model and it will be unprofitable.
As for ecommerce, shoppers will investigate online and buy offline.
At emerging markets, they could have lots of free users, but they are not going to make much money.

Please see:
Or search for Verdere at

Rocket Internet AG. Urgent IPO / part 2
I suspect no one of those companies are designed to be profitable ever.
They have big losses because they sell below cost to gain traction.
All cloned companies seem like bubbles.  

They are full (in excess) of phantom companies, shell companies.
And not only they have lots of phantom companies, shell companies. There is a very complicated and intriguing interlace of them. (very suspicious situation)

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