Wednesday, September 14, 2016

article: Talk Talk, AshleyMadison and now Apple show no company is immune from cyber attack

Tackling hacking is a USD75 Billion-a-year industry that companies cannot ignore for fear of consumer backlash
A study by cyber security firm FireEye found more than half (54%) of US consumers felt more negatively towards companies that had suffered data breaches.
Other key findings included the following:                              
    52 percent of consumers would consider paying more for the same products or services from a provider with better data security
    78 percent of consumers are cautious of organizations’ abilities to keep data safe
    52 percent of consumers said security is an important or main consideration when buying products and services
    90 percent of consumers expect to be informed within 24 hours if their service provider had suffered a data breach which could have compromised their data

ALERT Hacktivist collective The Impact Team could be targeting Twitter, Facebook and other giant sites
Like Match Group?

 "Espionage is for economic interests, not terrorism"

article: What Exactly Are the USA NSA Hackers Trying to Accomplish?

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