Friday, September 9, 2016

article: This Could Be Match Group's Biggest Opportunity (Via MotleyFool)

Tinder and International appear to be the company's biggest growth segments.

Match goes for Generation X, 30 - 50 years old users = "named: traditionals" in Mexico and other LATAM countries.

article: What Makes Match Group's Business Model So Powerful ???

The Match Group had been doing all wrong, acquiring rotten companies to show illusory success to its investors. 

ALERT Hacktivist collective The Impact Team could be targeting Twitter, Facebook and other giant sites
Like Match Group?

Be alerted USA FTC goes for Match Group, perhaps no more automatic rebilling clause soon!  
The Match Group is not going to innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry in the next years.  

Why IAC Keeps a Foot in the Door of Match Group MTCH = BIG DEBT 

The Match Group overpaid for PlentyOfFish (It was insane, USD575 Million for PlentyOfFish that past its prime 2+ years ago).
"There are other big problems with MTCH stock. It is loaded with debt — almost USD1.2 billion of it. It is trying to refinance some of that debt with a USD400 million bond offering, but the rate is effectively in junk territory — 6.375%. It has USD1.3 billion of goodwill on its balance sheet from all of its acquisitions, almost a third of its market cap."


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