Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tinder will use Spotify to show your dates your favorite music

ARTICLE: Dating app Bumble is partnering with Spotify to help you find suitors who share your music taste

Tinder in inside war with new Match App.

Tinder is dead. Dating apps were supposed to transform the quest for romance - but now they're stuck in a routine.

The notion of music compatibility was pioneered by Dr. Jason Rentfrow and Dr. Sam Gosling, but never succeeded
Because The key to long-lasting romance; COMPATIBILITY is: STRICT PERSONALITY SIMILARITY and not "meet other people with similar interests".
And music preferences are not related with personality.

Please read the paper:
"How Shared Preferences in Music Create Bonds Between People: Values as the Missing Link" 2011
"Value similarity is the missing link in explaining the musical bonding phenomenon [and not personality similarity], which seems to hold for Western and non-Western samples and in experimental and natural settings."

If you are a man and you like Frank Sinatra and a woman likes Frank Sinatra too, it does not mean: you and that woman will like each other. 

Match goes for Generation X, 30 - 50 years old users = "named: traditionals".

great article: Millennial generation undergoes “dating apocalypse”


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