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Some forums with comments saying fake profiles at eDarling Spain

(eDarling Spain by Affinitas GmbH.)

Some Spanish forums say you receive some fake profiles when you register at eDarling in order to encourage you to subscribe.

comentarios de usuarios que hablan de perfiles falsos en eDarling España de la empresa Affinitas GmbH.
Me registré en edarling porque un amigo me lo recomendó... no tardé más de 4 días en darme cuenta que es un engaño. El primer día, (antes de pagar) recibes 10 o 12 mensajes de chicas que te quieren conocer, una vez ya pagados los 35 y pico euros de los 3 meses.... se acabó. Son el 80% maquinas,....

(I registered at eDarling because a friend of mine recommended it... It did not take me more than 4 days to realize it is a hoax. The first day (before paying) you get 10 or 12 messages from girls they want to meet you, once you had paid Euros 35+ for 3 months .... it's over. They are 80% machine, ...)
 La mayoría de perfiles que te presentan son falsos. Son personas ficticias.
(The majority of profiles sent to you are fake. They are fictional people.)
El truco consiste en que te envian contactos falsos
(The trick is that they send you false contacts)
cuando no pagas te envían unos perfiles... estupendos, pero cuando ya has pagado....LA COSA CAMBIA! y ya no son tan estupendos.
(before you had paid they send great profiles ... , but after you've paid .... THINGS CHANGE! and they are not so great.)
En mi opinión, la mayor parte de los perfiles de los supuestos candidatos son falsos, generados seguramente por un community manager,
(In my opinion, most of the prospective profiles are fake, probably generated by a community manager,)

Que es exactamente lo que yo descubrí en EliteSingles también de Affinitas GmbH. y por eso los abogados de Argentina de Affinitas GmbH. que posiblemente también sean de Rocket Internet GmbH. me quieren obligar a retractarme y a firmar un documento de no comentar el tema.
That is exactly what I had found at EliteSingles also powered by Affinitas GmbH. and their local lawyers in Argentina, that may also be lawyers from Rocket Internet GmbH. want to force me to retract and sign a non disclosure/comment document on that issue.

At "Global Dating Insights" last November 2013 the Affinitas GmbH.'s CEO said: "... But a large number of sites in our markets live on running databases full of fake profiles and on tricking people into subscriptions services. So many users of online dating sites have suffered great financial and emotional damage that their voice is being heard even louder than those of the millions of success couples...."; "... we are really trying hard to establish ourselves as the company that earns the admiration of its direct competitors and I think that there are a number of areas in which we really excel. Despite my very negative view on how many competitors are running their business, there are also many exceptions. To name a few: we like Tinder, we like AdopteunMec for their creativity and I have great admiration for Markus Frind. In the past, we also had the opportunity to work closer with eHarmony and we have admiration for them." and "What is your personal style in business in three words? Transparency, Honesty, Entrepreneurship."

I suspect at Affinitas GmbH. German company, there is a bunch of multilingual employees whose task is to create fictitious profiles to entice customers to subscribe.

See from Alexa, "Visitors by Country" is several of their sites (Chile, Mexico, Turkey, Russia), some high % is from Germany (Pseudos operating from Germany ???)
eDarling Chilean version
eDarling Mexican version
EliteSingles Ireland
EliteSingles U.K.
eDarling Turkey
eDarling Italy
Eliittikumppani Finland
eDarling Swiss
EliteSingles Norway

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That seems to be the main reason eHarmony Inc. refused to acquire the 100% stake of Affinitas GmbH. last May 2012.

Hope the Internet Crimes Division can investigate further  because they send matches from USA.

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