Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Proof of FRAUD from ... Affiny by Meetic (It is the same as MatchAffinity in 2010)

"a serious dating service based on *complementarity*, thanks to the personality test"

"For those seeking a lasting relationship
Far from ephemeral adventures, Affiny helps you find the right person. With a *tailored personality test*, we guide you to profiles that really fit you and share your lifestyle and values. A little logic, a little magic, and a lot of love!"

The Big Five normative personality test, had been proven/revealed as an incomplete and incorrect model to assess/measure personality of persons. 

It is a HOAX, a FRAUD to use the Big Five normative test.  

MeeticAffinity / MatchAffinity rebranded as Affiny !

Saturday, April 10, 2010: Meetic affinity == Match affinity == Dating Direct affinity

The Online Dating Industry is selling elixirs, tonics, snake oil liniments and other patent medicine and performing like the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry before the USA Food and Drug Administration was created where any player can make any claim without any credentials.
More fraud from eHarmony UK talking about "Future of Dating 2018"

about "Dating website eHarmony's 'scientific' match ad banned" in UK


about GDI Editorial article: Two Psychologists Talk Compatibility Science

The Online Dating Industry needs INNOVATIONS, not more bells and whistles.

The 8 tips to innovate in the Online Dating Industry!


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