Monday, August 29, 2011

Ultra Match feature PlentyOfFish

As eVow failed, the owners of PlentyOfFish launched, more than one month ago, the Ultra Match feature, a paid feature inside a free online dating site.

Ultra Match feature says "astronomical computing power required to generate these matches in real time" ???

As one PlentyOfFish member had said "And that kind of goes back to my main question here: we don't even know what's in the "regular matches" formula (beyond age/height/child status/smoking/distance variables) much less the "Ultra Matches" formula to know if PAYING to upgrade to "Ultra Matches" is even worth it."

"The site simply doesn't seem as honest as it used to be. I'm definitely not bothered by the implentation of NEW tools that are pay-only from the beginning (like Ultra Match) -"

"I wouldn't think it's worth it either. I don't think having access to "Ultra Match" and a few other things is worth the cost, especially seeing how hit-and-miss the usual matching can be."

If POF is blocked in Argentina, how local singles from Argentina can be displayed???

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