Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Unusual cheating on Facebook

Unusual cheating on Facebook: A 13 years old boy "staged" the kidnapping of a businesswoman

A 13 years old boy invented a fake profile of a 26 years old businesswoman on Facebook and tried to charge for her kidnapping.

The teenager lives in Ischilín (province of Córdoba, Argentina). He created the fake social networking profile of a woman "Antonella", 26 years old dedicated to business hotels. She fell in love with a young man (20 years old) of Buenos Aires province (850Km or 528 miles of distance) who agreed to meet in person after 7 months of romance. She flew from Cordoba to Buenos Aires, but before meeting in person she was "hijacked", so the 13 years old demanded ARS$ 100,000 (USD 25,000) to the 20 years old groom for her release. The SIDE (Argentinean CIA) investigated the case. The teenager was arrested (and released) by local police.

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